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A Place to Believe…

                               A Place to Belong.


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CLC Vision Statement

To know Christ personally (WORSHIP), grow in grace (MINISTRY), and share His love with others (EVANGELISM), providing them with the support (FELLOWSHIP), to become mature members (DISCIPLESHIP) of the church of Jesus Christ.

CLC is a purpose driven church and is designed to help people…..

CENTER their lives on God, not themselves, and live a lifestyle of worship for the glory of God, because we were planned for God’s pleasure. This begins with complete surrender of our lives to Christ.

CONNECT with other believers who experience real fellowship because we were formed for God’s family. This includes identifying with other believers through baptism, joining a local church family, and participating in some kind of small group fellowship.

CULTIVATE spiritual maturity and godly character, because we were created to become like Christ. This includes developing the habits necessary for spiritual growth.

CONTRIBUTE something back by using their talents in ministry because we were shaped for serving God. This includes discovering your SHAPE for ministry and finding a place for service in your church.

COMMUNICATE God’s love to others and develop a heart for the world, because we were made for a mission. This includes learning to share your faith and participating in some kind of mission activity.